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The perfect look for your special day

Your wedding day .... the most beautiful day of your life.

At Lash Haven we take extra time and care with all our brides to ensure there look is perfect. Your bridal set will be applied by Karen who is a mater Lash Technician for over 20 years.


 Such an impotant day needs proper planning, not only when it comes to location, guest list and catering but also and most importantly when it comes to the bridal’s look and makeup. Nothing is as important as the bride looking absolutely breathtaking on this once in a lifetime day. Prospective brides normally have a thousand things on their mind in the few days before their wedding day. which is why we want to reduce some of the stress by providing you with gorgeous eyelash extension in advance. 


Why are eyelash extensions are the best option for your wedding day ?

The advantages of eyelash extensions for your special day are very clear: 

  • There's no chance of them falling of or sticking into your eyes as false eyelashes do
  • You will have no ugly mascara lines if things get emotional
  • They can be worn on their own for a natural look or be combined with eyeshadow - and will always look full and beautiful
  • You get them applied in advance which also saves you time on the wedding day
  • They will last you throughout your entire wedding weekend ...
  • ... And even your honeymoon as they normally don’t have to be removed or fixed for four to six weeks after the application
  • Look stunning in or out of the water... even if you spend most of your time without makeup
  • The best part is that the textures and the overall look is so natural, that you simply look like yourself but better

How far in advance do I have to make an appointment?

We recommend booking about at least one month in advance to make sure you get your eyelash extensions done at the date and time that suits the best. We normally apply your lash extensions two or three days before the actual wedding day as we know from experience that the day before your wedding will be extremely busy.

It also gives the lash glue time to dry perfectly without being mixed with potentially upcoming tears.  

If you never had eyelash extensions done before we recommend to book an appointment for a trial about a month before your wedding so that we can figure out the perfect shape and length of the lashes for your face. This ensures you get exacally the look you want.


Prices and application times

We do not over charge our brides just because it is a wedding. The prices are the same as all our other sets as we charge by time,  but special diligence is applied to ensure your look is natural and accentuating.

Depending on the look you desire you should plan about 1 - 2 hours for the application. Most of our brides choose the Volume Set which gives you a beautiful full and natural look. Here’s a list of our prices and the average application time.


- Bridal / Brides Maid/ Mother of the Bride/ Groom  Full Set: $100 -1h

- Bridal Volume Set: $150 - 1.5h 

- Bridal Russian Volume Set: $200 - 2h


Contact us today on 0411621881 to book a time to complete your bridal look



Contact us today on 0411621881 to book a time to complete your bridal look


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