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Welcome to Beauty in Health!
At our beauty clinic we offer ...
Eyelash Extensions

Benefit from Karens 10+ years experience with applying eyelashes

Feather Stroke Eyebrow Tattoos

Get a lasting beautiful look for your eyebrows

Kinesiology & Nutrition

Benefit from Karens knowledge about how the body works

Beauty Therapy

Become a more beautiful version of yourself

Oxygen Therapy

Benefit from the advantages for your health Oxygen Therapy brings

Teeth Whitening

Get beautiful white teeth


About Beauty In Health

Karen Hayes

Karen, has been working in the natural Health and beauty industry over 20 years with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Remedial Massage and Kinesiology. Karen has also studied Feather Stroke Eyebrow Tattoo, nutrition, homeopathy and Colon hydrotherapy.

Karen naturally strives for excellence in all her endeavours, with a well-rounded education and years of experience coupled with an intuitive and intelligent mind, Karen surpasses all expectation in delivering the best possible beauty and health therapies and training for her clients.

The ambient and relaxed setting of the beautifully kept treatment centre in the Upper North Shore's Lindfield invites clients and students to feel settled and at home.


The Eyelash Extension Queen

Karen Hayes is the founder of Lash Haven.

Some people refer to Karen as the "eyelash extension queen", being one of the very early pioneers of eyelash extensions in Sydney and Australia Karen has personally trained well over 3000 students. When Karen started the Lash Haven brand she never could have dreamed that it would become one of the most well-known and respected brands in the eyelash extensions and beauty therapist industry.

The Lash Haven eyelash extension training academy has trained up to 5000 lash technicians over the past 20 years which is why we have become Australia's leader in professional eyelash extension training. Lash Haven offer specialist group training. The training studio is located in Lindfield in Sydney, on the North Shore not far from Chatswood shopping centre.


Owner of one of Australia's largest Australian owned and run Eyelash Extension Products and Supplies Online Shop

And is the owner of one of Australia's largest Australian owned and run Eyelash Extension Products and Supplies Online Shop. Providing Eyelash Extension practitioner's Australia wide with all eyelash extension products and supplies.


Owner of Northshore Colonic Clinic

The  North Shore Colonic Clinic provides a private and caring service in a hygienic environment that is unsurpassed. Coupled with expert training in Colon hydrotherapy with senior therapist  and president of the Colonic Hydrotherapy Association, Anna Paredes of the Colon Care Centre, the North Shore Colonic Clinic provides client's with colon care that easily meets all standards of excellence.


Qualified Kinesiologist

Karen is a qualified Kinesiologist and has been practicing kinesiology for over 20 years.

Having used the modality to heal many people with varying ailments. Helping people remains the constant passion.


Nutritional Studies and Homeopathy

Karen's background in commercial cookery, combined with 3 years of nutrition studies as well as homeopathy. Karen has also worked extensively in the health industry and ran ‘Program For Life’, a health and wellness seminar for women.  This program was aimed at teaching women about healthy eating and supplementation and has many before and after stories of success. 

This completes her well rounded expertise as a wholistic therapist, grounded with education, experience and a natural intuition. This makes all her beauty and health treatments not only effective, but consistently high standard of excellence.

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